6 Foods Every Woman Must Eat For Excellent Health and Vitality

By | April 16, 2023

Are burgers and fries OK to eat?According to Harvard Medical School, women who snack on super-healthy foods don’t need to worry about “junking it” on a Friday night! Harvard’s research shows that you will greatly reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease by regularly eating super-foods – even if you indulge on the ‘bad stuff’ from time to time.Here are the top 6 foods to snack on and to create meals around:1. Leafy greens. It’s nearly impossible to meet your nutritional needs without eating dark, leafy greens such as spinach, collard greens, romaine, and chard.Putting the dark green stuff into salads is obvious, of course! But you can also layer them in sandwiches, dice them into omelets, and toss them into soups. You’ll be getting loads of fiber, vitamin C, folic acid, lutein, as well as crucial minerals such as calcium.2. Raw fruit. Cooking fruit creates toxins which upset your blood sugar levels and also zaps the enormous nutritional benefits. And don’t worry about the sugar in fruit. Pectin and other compounds found in the skin of fruit slows the carbohydrate absorption into your system.Snack on a diverse variety of raw fruit – especially berries. You can also put them in cereal and yogurt. If your kids like peanut butter and jelly, substitute raw fruit for the jelly. The nutrients and micro-nutrients of fruit are so diverse and plentiful that you’ll increase your energy level while contributing to your good health. Eat 2 or 3 servings of fresh fruit every day!3. Wild Salmon. Avoid eating farmed salmon because they contain too many toxic substances. So go wild!Broil and bake wild salmon for outrageously healthy lean protein as well as the optimal combination of omega fatty acids. The ‘good fat’ in salmon actually helps us stay thin. At least two serving per week of wild salmon is optimal.4. Raw nuts. Cooked or dry roasted nuts are actually a bit toxic – which can upset your blood sugar levels (and cause weight gain). And despite the common myth, nuts do NOT make you fat – if you eat them raw. A couple of small fist-fulls a day will help you avoid cancer and heart disease because of the omega fatty acids as well as protein and magnesium. The most nutritious are almonds, walnuts and brazil nuts.You can put them in salads, yogurt, and cereal. When preparing cooked dishes, sprinkle crushed raw nuts over your vegetables, casseroles, and fish (or anything really). The trick is to sprinkle the nuts AFTER your meal is fully cooked to avoid raising the temperature of the raw nuts.5. Deep colored vegetables. In addition to the dark, leafy greens we’ve already discussed, go for the rich colors! Carrots, squash, broccoli, peppers, yams, etc., any ‘vege’ that’s bright or rich in color will give you a miraculous array of nutrition so powerful that your body will THRIVE!Eat rich, colored vegetables raw and cooked. There are healthful advantages both ways, so mix it up! Have at least a couple of servings a day.6. Plain, non-fat (or low-fat) yogurt. Dairy foods do not agree with everyone, but they are such an incredible source of natural calcium that all women should take note.Don’t buy the ‘fruit-on-the-bottom’ variety because the fruit has been cooked and contains way too much sugar. Simply mix raw fruit (especially berries) into your plain yogurt for a creamy, delicious and nutritious snack! You can even add some raw nuts and a little cinnamon.Learn more about health and vitality here www.womens-health-wellness.cup-of-life.com.By regularly eating (and snacking) on these super-foods, an occasional fattening meal or sugary desert will not get in the way of your optimal health. Burgers and fries on a Friday night are OK!